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Our Menu


$4.00French Fries

$3.75Garlic Bread

With mozzarella $4.50

$4.75Gorgonzola Bread

Basted in fresh garlic, parsley & parmigiana, in a bed of gorgonzola cream sauce.

$8.00Mozzarella Sticks (6)

$10.50Buffalo Wings (10)

Traditional or boneless with:

Regular | Hot | BBQ

$2.00Garlic Knots (6)

$13.00Fried Calamari

With marinara or fra diavolo.

Baked Littleneck Clams

Six for $8.50 | Twelve for $16.00

$8.00Chicken Fingers

$11.00Fresh Mozzarella

Sliced tomato, roasted peppers, olive oil & balsamic glaze.

$7.50Fried Ravioli

$14.50Pei Mussels

In a bleu cheese sauce with grape tomatoes.

Fra diavolo or white wine brodo $13.00

$8.25Meatballs (3)

$6.75Sausages (3)

$6.25Sauteed Broccoli or Spinach

$7.25Sauteed Broccoli Rabe


With tomato sauce.

$7.50Chicken (2)

Fried or grilled.

Soups & Salads

Add chicken $4.00 | Chopped $1.00

Balsamic Vinaigrette | Red Wine Vinaigrette | Champagne Vinaigrette | Raspberry Vinaigrette | Bleu Cheese | Ranch

$5.00Soup of the Day

Minestrone, chicken noodle and Italian wedding.

$8.75Brandied Shrimp Bisque

Garnished with grilled shrimp and chives.

$5.50Tossed Salad

Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions.

$10.00Cold Antipasto Salad

Roasted red peppers, black olives, red onions, roasted tomatoes, salami, pepperoni, provolone and red wine vinaigrette.

$9.50House Salad

Iceberg, tomatoes, black olives, artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, provolone and balsamic vinaigrette.

$9.50Goat Cheese & Cranberry Salad

Mixed baby greens, goat cheese, dried cranberries, glazed walnuts, red onion, raspberry vinaigrette.

$7.50Caesar Salad

$9.50Cafe Salad

Mesclun greens, red onions, grape tomatoes, crumbled bleu cheese, bacon, croutons and champagne vinaigrette.

$12.50Horiatiki Salad (Chopped Greek Salad)

Grape tomatoes, cucumbers, kalamata olives, red peppers, feta & aged red wine vinaigrette seasoned with Mediterranean herbs.


$9.25Meatball Parmigiana

$9.25Sweet Sausage Parmigiana

$11.00Veal Cutlet Parmigiana

$9.75Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana

$9.25Eggplant Parmigiana

$12.00Shrimp Parmigiana

$9.25Sweet Sausage & Peppers

$8.50Philly Cheese Steak

With peppers and onions $9.50


Grilled or fried with lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.

$9.75Blackened Chicken

Blackened grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, red onions, mesclun greens, goat cheese & garlic aioli.

Rolls & Calzones

$7.00Chicken Roll

Fried chicken, tomato sauce and mozzarella.

$6.00Sausage Roll

Sweet sausage, peppers, onions, tomato sauce and mozzarella.

$6.00Eggplant Roll

Eggplant, tomato sauce and mozzarella.

$6.00Broccoli Roll

Chopped seasoned broccoli and mozzarella.

$2.75Chicken & Broccoli Wheels

Chopped chicken, broccoli, garlic, olive oil and parmigiana.

$2.75Garlic & Pepperoni Wheels

Pepperoni, fresh garlic, olive oil and parmigiana.

$2.75Bacon & Cheddar Wheels

Bacon, cheddar and mozzarella.


Seasoned ricotta and mozzarella.
Additional fillings .75¢ each



Parma prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, red onions, black olives, cherry pepper and spicy aioli.


Fried eggplant, goat cheese, mesclun greens and garlic aioli.


Fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, basil, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic glaze.


Chicken cutlet, roasted red peppers, red onions, fresh mozzarella and spicy aioli.

$9.00Chicken Fresco

Marinated grilled chicken, tomatoes, roasted red peppers and balsamic glaze.



Extra Cheese | Pepperoni | Meatballs | Sausage | Garlic | Mushrooms | Peppers | Anchovies | Onions

Slice: $0.75 | Half Pie: $2.00 | Full Pie: $3.00

$15.75Regular Pie


$19.50Sicilian Pie

$2.75Regular Slice

$2.75Sicilian Slice

$25.00East End Special

Choice of 4 toppings.

$27.00East End Sicilian Special

Choice of 4 toppings.

Specialty Pizzas

Whole | Slice


Fresh chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and broccoli.

By the slice $4.25

$24.00Eggplant Special

Eggplant, ricotta, mozzarella, grated parmigiana and tomato sauce.

By the slice $4.25


Parmigiana, garlic, virgin olive oil and no sauce.

By the slice $3.25

$24.00Chicken Marsala

Chicken, mushrooms, and Marsala sauce.

By the slice $4.25

$24.00Chicken & Broccoli

Chicken, broccoli, mozzarella, parmigiana and tomato sauce.

By the slice $4.25

$24.00Chicken & Tomato

Chicken tomatoes, mozzarella, parmigiana and tomato sauce.

By the slice $4.25

$24.00Grilled Chicken Caesar

Grilled chicken, romaine and Caesar dressing.

By the slice $4.25


Mozzarella, fresh marinara sauce, basil, garlic and love oil on thin crust.

Whole pie: 8 slices.

By the slice $3.25

$24.00BBQ Chicken

Chicken, bacon, BBQ sauce, cheddar, mozzarella and tomato sauce.

By the slice $4.25

$24.00Buffalo Chicken

Chicken, hot sauce, bleu cheese and mozzarella.

By the slice $4.25

$24.00Garlic Gorgonzola

Garlic bread crust, creamy gorgonzola sauce, fresh parsley & parmesan.

By the slice $4.25

$24.00Penne Alla Vodka

Penne and mozzarella with homemade vodka sauce.

By the slice $4.25


Lettuce, tomatoes, seasoned ground beef, cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

By the slice $4.25


Pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, mushrooms, peppers and onions.

By the slice $4.25


Lightly toasted garlic bread, fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic and olive oil.

Whole pie: 8 slices.

By the slice $4.25

$24.00House Special

Bacon, ham, pepperoni, green peppers, cherry peppers, black olives, onions, mozzarella and tomato sauce.

By the slice $4.25

$18.50Ala Vodka Special

Homemade vodka sauce, light mozzarella on thin square crust.

By the slice $3.25

Stuffed Pizza

$6.00Stuffed Spinach

Freshly seasoned spinach blended with ricotta and mozzarella.

$6.00Stuffed Meat

Sweet sausage, pepperoni, ham and mozzarella.


Served with choice of pasta or tossed salad and bread.


Breaded & baked with mozzarella.

Chicken $18.00 | Veal $20.00 | Shrimp $21.00 | Eggplant $17.00


Dipped in egg and sauteed in wine, butter and lemon.

Chicken $18.00 | Veal $20.00 | Shrimp $21.00


Sauteed with marsala.

Chicken $18.50 | Veal $20.50


Topped with layers of crispy eggplant, san danielle prosciutto, mozzarella with sherry and tomato infused brown sauce on a bed of crispy spinach.

Chicken $20.00 | Veal $22.00


Sauteed with onions, peppers and mushrooms in fresh marinara.

Chicken $18.00 | Veal $20.00

$19.50Chicken Verde

Topped with broccoli and mozzarella in franese sauce.

$20.00Chicken Rollatini

Chicken breast rolled with prosciutto and mozzarella with mushroom sauce.

$21.50Potato & Prosciutto Crusted Chicken

In a pearl onion pinot noir sauce.

$21.50Chicken Paillard

Topped with grape, sun-dried tomatoes, wild mushrooms, sauteed spinach and fresh mozzarella in a balsamic reduction.

$19.50Veal Piccata

Sauteed with capers, shallots, butter and white wine.

$18.50Eggplant Rollatini

Whipped basil ricotta with san marzano pomodoro sauce.

$21.00Shrimp Oreganato

Fresh jumbo shrimp broiled with virgin olive oil, butter and garlic topped with oreganato bread crumbs.

Pasta Specialties

$14.50Rigatoni Melanzane

Eggplant, plum tomato sauce and ricotta.

$14.00Pasta Bolognese

Creamy meat sauce mixed with choice of pasta.

$13.50Linguine Puttanesca

Black and green olives, capers, fresh basil, sun-dried tomatoes and Italian plum tomatoes.

$13.50Fettuccine Alfredo

Generously poured over pasta.

$16.75Linguine with Clam Sauce

Red or White. Fresh tender clams sauteed with parsley, garlic and virgin olive oil.

$12.00Spaghetti & Meatballs

Homemade meatballs topped with our classic tomato sauce.

$10.50Pasta E Fagioli

Original old-style recipe of white cannelini beans, fresh garlic, tomatoes, virgin olive oil, pancetta, parsley and a dash of red pepper flakes.

$14.50Rigatoni A La Vodka

Imported parmigana, cream, pancetta and fresh basil blended with a touch of tomato sauce over rigatoni.

$14.50Fettuccini Primavera

Mix of fresh vegetables with garlic and oil.

$15.75Penne with Chicken & Broccoli or Spinach

Chicken breast with fresh broccoli or spinach in a spicy garlic and oil broth.

$14.50Penne Rustica

Artichokes, roasted peppers, peas, sauteed with chopped fresh tomato with garlic and oil.

$16.50Penne with Broccoli Rabe & Sausage

Sauteed with garlic and oil.

$15.75Fettuccini Carbonara

Imported parmagiana blended into a light cream sauce with bacon and peas over pasta.

$18.75Penne with Shrimp & Broccoli or Spinach

Jumbo shrimps, fresh broccoli in a spicy garlic and oil broth.

$18.75Penne Luciana

Sausage, chicken, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, vermouth and plum tomatoes over penne.

$16.50Lobster Ravioli

Lobster stuffed ravioli topped with a pink sauce.

$19.00Shrimp Scampi

Broiled with virgin olive oil, butter and garlic over linguini.

$23.00Seafood Surpreme

Calamari, shrimp, mussels, clams over linguine with spicy marinara sauce or garlic and oil. Fra diavolo or bianco.


Fra diavolo or bianco sauce over pasta.

$16.50Ravioli Pesto

Fresh pesto sauce, roasted grape tomatoes and toasted pine nuts.


With tomato sauce.

Marina add $1.00 | Garlic & Oil add $1.50 | Meat Sauce $2.00

$8.00Spaghetti, Ziti, Linguine or Rigatone

$10.00Tortellini or Ravioli

Baked Pasta

Oven baked with parmigiana.

$11.00Stuffed Shells


$11.00Baked Ziti

With ricotti.




$15.00Pasta Alforno

With ricotta, fresh eggplant, and peas in a rich meat sauce baked with mozzarella.

$12.50Baked Pasta Combo

Mix of ravioli, 2 stuffed shells and manicotti covered with melted mozzarella.



$5.00Chocolate Cake


Kid's Corner


$5.50Kids Spaghetti

With meatballs $8.00

$7.50Baked Ziti

$8.00Chicken Fingers

With fries.

$11.00Chicken Parmigiana

With pasta.